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National Geographic Windows on Literacy™: Step Up (Pre Emergent) : Set of 13 titles

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Oral language and phonemic awareness are the basic foundational reading skills that are highly significant for success in early reading. After children understand sounds in our language, they are ready for print. The Step Up readers (wordless, word and simple sentence books) provide a medium for engaging children in talk and exploration of their personal experiences relating to each book's topic(s). Step Up introduces young children to the act of reading, developing an understanding of print and book conventions as well as building a better letter recognition and a bank of high frequency words.

The theme books in Step Up were developed to teach children to prepare to read non-fiction. The Step Up readers provide preliminary exposure to informational text with limits on text structures and text features to ensure success for the beginning reader.

Wordless books use visuals to present content.

A Dog's LIfe

Excerpt: A Dog's Life

 Reading books from front to back, turning pages and holding books upright
 Understand that pictures in books tell stories and give information
 Looking at the page for information and then turning the pages to find out more
 Talk about how dogs change as they get older
 Describing what is happening in each photograph

One word books use varying words to label images and convey meaning.

Flowers for Grandma

Excerpt: Flowers For Grandma

Oral language can be represented in print
Pictures and words in books are related and have meaning
Words are made up of letters that have different shapes

At The Playground

Excerpt: At the Playground

Using picture cues to read words
Talking about the things you can do at the playground
Naming words that mean the opposite

 Simple sentence books introduce predictable, repetitive sentences.

Look at me in the tree

Excerpt: In The Tree

Sentences are read left to right
Full stops mark the end of sentences
The order of words conveys meaning





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